Social Media Audit of Herschel Supply Co.

               Herschel Supply Co. has successful social media accounts on both Facebook and Instagram, and as a direct competitor, it would be wise for Buhi Bags to take notes on what they do well, what works, what doesn’t and what they (Buhi) should do about it. What I am describing is long hand for “Social Media Audit”. I performed a Social media audit of Herschel Supply Co. and these are my findings:

Consistency is Key

               Over the past month, Herschel Supply posted on both Instagram and Facebook at least once a day. Some posts were advertisements, some were general media, and some were subtle promotions. Regardless of what they posted; they were consistent with it.

Cross Platform Posting is Okay

               Not everybody has Facebook, and not everybody has Instagram, and even if they do, it doesn’t mean they follow the same pages on both platforms. Herschel Supply posted, almost without exception, the same content on both platforms, and just because a post was successful on one platform doesn’t mean it will be successful on both.

Fit the Caption to the Platform

               Facebook and Instagram function differently and consumers use them differently. As a business it is important to understand this and adjust accordingly. For example, the two posts below feature the same image, but the caption is changed slightly to fit the platform (Instagram uses Usernames, Facebook does not, Instagram is more hashtag friendly). Small changes like these can make all the difference.

Make it Big

               Facebook doesn’t require media in a post, but Herschel Supply included either a photo or video in every single post last month. Why? Not only does it allow the consumer to visualize the product but also it is big! A post with just text will take up a quarter page at most, and if it’s longer nobody wants to read it anyways. On the other hand, a post that includes a photo or video will take up almost the entire screen, making it much more difficult to ignore.

If Buhi Bags follows these tips and dedicates time to creating quality content, their social media could quickly become their most effective medium to attract customers.