Coca-Cola and Content Marketing

Coke is arguably one of the most well known companies and logos around the world. But they’re also one of the most famous marketing companies. In ‘s interview with Kate Santore, a content marketing manager at the Coca-Cola company, she covered how she stays on task, how Coke creates new content, keeping their brand image and more (Read the full article here). If there was one thing from this interview that stuck out to me, it would be the source of her inspiration. Kate said that she is inspired by her competition and even sends a weekly email to her marketing team titled “Work That Makes Me Jealous”. She said her competitions good work only drives her to create better ideas and sets the bar higher for everybody.

I like that idea. What work makes me jealous? What makes me want to get better? I think tough competition is the best way to get better, whatever industry you’re in, and if more people saw this as a challenge, the world would be a better and more advanced place.

Here are some examples of content marketing that make me jealous.

Newport Film Festival Trailer

Apple “Unlock”

Taco Bell “Web of Fries”


All three of these pieces are advertisements for something, but are captivating enough on their own that the viewer almost forgets that they’re just watching an ad. These examples of content marketing all make me jealous, make me want to get better.

What makes you jealous?