The Skill of Humor


Everybody is born with a varying degree of seriousness or lack thereof, and generally those who are less serious are the people who become comedians or have a knack of making people laugh. But I’m here to tell you that anybody can win a room over with humor regardless of the disposition they’re born with.

How? Through the skill of humor. Over the past few years, the “skill of humor” has been brought to the eye of the general public, in part by Andrew Tarvin and his company Humor That Works . Andrew focuses on the skill of humor in the professional workplace, and how beneficial it can be to have a few laughs throughout the day.

What do I mean by the skill of humor? Well, everybody can train themselves to be funny. Just like learning to play an instrument, some learn quickly, some will not. Just like learning an instrument, some will be more successful than others. Not everyone who learns to play the guitar will be Slash, and not everyone who teaches themselves to be funny will be Kevin Hart.

Why should you teach yourself to be funny? Humor is key in lowering stress levels, is helpful in negotiations, and above all can drastically increase your likeability and help you build relationships whether it be in a romantic way, in the workplace or just as friends. I encourage you to explore it more, and I will write more on the subject in the future.


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