The Zeigarnik Effect and Finishing What You Started


What is the Zeigarnik Effect?

In psychology, the Zeigarnik effect states that people remember uncompleted or interrupted tasks better than completed tasks. (

“Have you ever thought about a movie you didn’t finish for way too long? Had a song that you only know some of the words to stuck in your head on loop?…”

History of the Zeigarnik effect

In the 1920’s, Russian psychologist Bluma Zeigarnik performed a series of studies involving task interruption. Her most well known study involved over 100 children, each of whom had to perform a simple challenge such as a jigsaw puzzle. Half of the children were allowed to complete the task, while the other half were interrupted partway through. An hour later the children were asked about the task they performed. Only around 10% of the children who were allowed to complete the task remembered it, while nearly 80% of those who were interrupted remembered it vividly.

Ok cool, why should I care?

Have you ever thought about a movie you didn’t finish for way too long? Had a song that you only know some of the words to stuck in your head on loop? Have you ever clicked on a link titled something like “Doctors hate him! Here’s why” These are all due to the Zeigarnik effect. Our brain wants to finish unanswered questions and uncompleted tasks, and these can take up a significant amount of mental space when not completed. This also takes place at school and work, when you don’t complete a task or assignment you brain keeps reminding you of it. This can lead to high stress and stress about being stressed and having so much to do.

So, it is best to just finish things you start, so you have more mental space to focus on tasks at hand.

Best Camping Near La Crosse WI

Whether you’re visiting the La Crosse area or just looking for an affordable weekend getaway, tent camping is a great option. Here are 5 of the best places to tent camp in the La Crosse area, in no specific order.

Pettibone Resort

Pettibone Campground

Image Source: roverpasscom

Pettibone Resort is located in the heart of La Crosse, near historic downtown. It features 30 tent sites, half of which look out onto the Mississippi River. Besides its ideal location, Pettibone also features basketball and horseshoe courts within the grounds, as well as kayak and canoe rentals if you want to explore the river. Due to flooding concerns, Pettibone Resort’s tentative open date this year is May 25th.   

Goose Island Campground

Goose Island Campground

Image Source: Camp Native

Goose Island Campground is located just a few miles south of La Crosse in Stoddard. The scenic 169 tent campground features hiking trails as well as mapped out canoe trails. Goose Island opens April 15th, make your reservations today at

Great River Bluffs State Park

Great River Bluff State Park

Image Source: Hiking Minnesota

Worth the trip across the river, Great Bluffs State Park in Winona, MN has something for all nature lovers. From extensive hiking trails to birdwatching to uncommon animals such as the Six Lined Racer, this 31-tent park is sure to impress.

Bluebird Springs Recreation Area

Bluebird Springs Recreation Area

Image Source: Travel Wisconsin

This hidden gem in rural La Crosse features an on-site swimming pool and beach, bluff hiking trails and volleyball, basketball and horseshoe courts. Bluebird Springs has 49 tent sites and opens April 15th.

Perrot State Park

Perrot State Park

Image Source: Flickr

Perrot State Park, located in Trempealeau just across the county line, offers a different experience than the rest of the list as it is away from the bluffs a bit. Perrot has rivers, wetlands and wooded slopes all full of animals of all shapes and sizes from muskrats to woodchucks to snapping turtles. A great place to camp, or just to hike, the park will soon be full of color with blue yellow and purple violets.

About the Author:

Hi I’m Nate, I’m 20 years old and have lived in La Crosse for a year. With the weather getting warmer I’m itching to get outside and explore, which prompted me to make this blog.

Coca-Cola and Content Marketing

Coke is arguably one of the most well known companies and logos around the world. But they’re also one of the most famous marketing companies. In ‘s interview with Kate Santore, a content marketing manager at the Coca-Cola company, she covered how she stays on task, how Coke creates new content, keeping their brand image and more (Read the full article here). If there was one thing from this interview that stuck out to me, it would be the source of her inspiration. Kate said that she is inspired by her competition and even sends a weekly email to her marketing team titled “Work That Makes Me Jealous”. She said her competitions good work only drives her to create better ideas and sets the bar higher for everybody.

I like that idea. What work makes me jealous? What makes me want to get better? I think tough competition is the best way to get better, whatever industry you’re in, and if more people saw this as a challenge, the world would be a better and more advanced place.

Here are some examples of content marketing that make me jealous.

Newport Film Festival Trailer

Apple “Unlock”

Taco Bell “Web of Fries”


All three of these pieces are advertisements for something, but are captivating enough on their own that the viewer almost forgets that they’re just watching an ad. These examples of content marketing all make me jealous, make me want to get better.

What makes you jealous?

Self-Assessment Tests and College

When I was in college, I wanted to be involved in things that would change the world.

-Elon Musk

And after college, that’s exactly what the Tesla founder did. Recently, I took a self -assessment. This test was designed to judge eight inner strengths, which are key in shaping how an individual experiences life. These eight strengths are:

  1. Accepting Personal Responsibility
  2. Discovering Self-Motivation
  3. Mastering Self-Management
  4. Employing Interdependence
  5. Gaining Self-Awareness
  6. Adopting Life Long Learning
  7. Developing Emotional Intelligence
  8. Believing in Yourself

From taking the assessment, as expected, I found that my scores were in the middle category, or “your choices will sometimes keep you on course.” Like I said, this is the outcome I expected. So why take the test? Tests like these are important to take from time to time to make sure the inner compass is still pointing in a direction you want. Especially as someone in college. College age is traditionally where people decide what direction they want their life to take. We can’t all invent Tesla and Space X like Elon Musk, but we can all do something to improve our lives and the lives of those around us. So I’m glad I took this Self-Assessment test, and I would recommend you do so as well.

This Site has a list of Self-Assessment tests you can take, some free some paid. They serve to offer some insight into your life. Give one a try.

The Skill of Humor


Everybody is born with a varying degree of seriousness or lack thereof, and generally those who are less serious are the people who become comedians or have a knack of making people laugh. But I’m here to tell you that anybody can win a room over with humor regardless of the disposition they’re born with.

How? Through the skill of humor. Over the past few years, the “skill of humor” has been brought to the eye of the general public, in part by Andrew Tarvin and his company Humor That Works . Andrew focuses on the skill of humor in the professional workplace, and how beneficial it can be to have a few laughs throughout the day.

What do I mean by the skill of humor? Well, everybody can train themselves to be funny. Just like learning to play an instrument, some learn quickly, some will not. Just like learning an instrument, some will be more successful than others. Not everyone who learns to play the guitar will be Slash, and not everyone who teaches themselves to be funny will be Kevin Hart.

Why should you teach yourself to be funny? Humor is key in lowering stress levels, is helpful in negotiations, and above all can drastically increase your likeability and help you build relationships whether it be in a romantic way, in the workplace or just as friends. I encourage you to explore it more, and I will write more on the subject in the future.